Where do I find start-up instructions for my pool?

The INITIAL FILL, BALANCING & OPTIMUM POOL and SPA WATER CHEMISTRY CONDITIONS may be found online here, or also on product packaging, product information sheets and warranty cards. 

How long should I wait before I can put in my pool cleaner?

Per NPC Start Up Card “Wheeled devices should not be used in the pool until after 28 days. “National Plasterers Council, NPC Start Up Card, Sept 2012 edition. Putting a wheel cleaner in the pool prematurely can cause wheel marks/ tracks to show up on the pool finish.

How long should I wait before I can add salt to my pool?

 “NO SALT SHOULD BE ADDED FOR 28 DAYS “National Plasterers Council, NPC Start Up Card, September 2012 edition. 

How long should I wait until I use my newly filled pool?

 We recommend that you wait until the pool is completely finished, filled and that the water is chemically balanced to start enjoying it, typically three days. National Plasterers Council, NPC Start Up Card, September 2012 edition. 

Why does my pool watercolor look different than I expected?

There are many factors that influence the final pool water color including your point of view, pool depth, day time sun exposure, night time lighting placement, trees and landscaping, decking material and water features such fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, deck jets, etc. Water chemistry and filtration can affect water color. These variations in color are considered a normal enhancement to your pool water. 

How should I ‘winterize’ my pool?

 Winterization of your pool may be required if your pool water is subject to freezing winter temperatures in the region you live in dictates that you must winterize your pool. Your pool service professional may recommend that the pool should be drained as part of the winterization process, which often results in the exposing of the finish to the harsh environment for long periods of time. As a result, there is a high risk of experiencing cracking, delamination and/or debonding of the finish due to freeze / thaw process, which is not covered by your warranty. We strongly advise you to ask your local certified pool professional as methods may vary by Region.